Company: TABcom
Graphic Designer, Web Designer
This was a contest created for the brand State Line Tack for Halloween. Its goal was to gather more click-throughs and increase conversion rates for the site. The Halloween theme design was meant to be a fun seasonal twist to approach this project. The Spin-to-Win is an animated wheel in which you would click to spin. It would then reveal your percent off on your next purchase on the site. An email sent to subscribers would be the gateway to the contest as well as a website homepage graphic. After clicking through, the user would have the opportunity to view the contest description and then spin the wheel to reveal their prize.

Color Palette
The thought process was to theme the design around Halloween. I came up with a vision and elements we wanted to use for all the assets that would need to be created. Once there was a design direction in place, I started concepting layouts for the landing page and offer page. The landing page was where the user would be directed once they clicked through the email. The offer page was where the user would play the Spin-to-Win game. After the concept was approved, we worked closely in our department to animate the wheel. When a user would click on the Spin-to-Win button on the wheel, the wheel would spin and reveal their prize. They would then be redirected to where they would have to enter their email address to receive their discount on our site.
This was the corresponding email that was sent out at the time the Spin-to-Win game was launched. The images would contain hyperlinks that would direct you to the Spin-to-Win landing page on our site.
The Spin-to-Win wheel was very successful in helping our click-throughs for this page. The aesthetics were exactly what we were trying to accomplish when first visualizing what this landing page and offer page would look like. The spinning wheel concept was something we have never done before so we felt accomplished on that end as well.
Contest View Simulation for Desktop
Displays for Desktop and Mobile
Spin-to-Win Halloween themed wheel was something we had never done before and was successful on many levels. It was pushed through a corresponding email, social media as well as homepage graphics and had a consistent theme throughout. The wheel concept will definitely be something worth exploring further for other contests that we would run. Its functionality would stay the same but it would visually be skinned differently.
Programs and Tools Used
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