Role: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Owner

CustoDad is the home to custom creations built by a Dad. My goal was to create custom printables, seasonal event invitations, thank you gift card holders, children's birthday party invitations and anything else that came to my imagination. It became a hobby after creating these ideas for my son's teachers, classmates, friends and family members. I wanted to come up with fresh ideas and concepts that were clever and nifty and would make a lasting and memorable impression in the memory of my browsing customers.
Color Palette
When creating the CustoDad brand, I wanted the logo to come off very cool and smooth. I chose the font Pacifico to accomplish that. With its round curvy persona and its smooth flow, I feel like I captured that feeling. I decided to go with black and white as its primary colors. This allows me to use the logo in many ways and on many types of stationery.
Design Evolution
Since my establishment in 2018, I have processed over 2,300 orders overall. Roughly 75% of my sales are direct Digital Downloads, meaning once the customer purchases the listing it is automatically available for them to download. This requires no extra work to process the order once it is purchased. The other 25% of my sales are for Personalized orders, which I would populate predetermined fields in the designs with the customers information that they would send to me. I would then send their finished product as a Digital Download for them to print.
Popular Listings
Instagram Content
Many of my sales are due in large part to the way I market my shop. I tend to use Instagram more than any other channel in Social Media due to the nature and visual product shots that I use to attract customers. Product photography is something I pride myself on. I enjoy creating the scene and dressing the product up to help give a better visual of what the end product would look like for my customers. Keyword use is very important and I researched many products of similar nature to see what words were being mentioned frequently to attract buyers and help increase click-throughs.

Programs and Tools Used
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