Independent Study:
Role: Graphic Designer, UI UX Designer, User Testing Moderator

Roar Bikes was created during an Adobe XD UI UX Design Course that I enrolled myself in to help me educate and understand what it took to build Wireframes, Micro-Interactions, Prototypes and HiFi Layouts for prospective clients and to give them a vision of what their finished product would look like. A Mobile APP and Desktop versions were both created for this project.
Color Palette
The Design Persona for Roar Bikes was unique with a trendy vibe. I decided to use a mix of dark colors and a couple bright ones for buttons and call-outs. I wanted the design to flow from one section to the next and allow the user to have a different experience as they moved down the page.
For each project we were given a Brief and Persona for how we should direct our designs. We were given a brand logo to work off of and from there we had complete creative flexibility in setting a Brand Style complete with colors, fonts, layout and appearance. Our design had to fit the Persona of the clientele we were given and reach our desired target audience. I feel my design and direction were successful in reaching the target audience. I kept Site and APP sections simple with intriguing content and allowed them to have smooth transitions throughout the Site and APP.
Primary and Secondary Logos
HiFi Layouts and Prototypes for Desktop and Mobile APP
Displays for Desktop and Mobile APP
I have learned a great deal from taking this course. Once I completed the Wireframe and HiFi Layouts, I initiated a User Testing Group using my Prototypes to help me understand how a user would interact with the Site and APP. I developed a list of questions for them so I could understand in their view how they would interact, respond and navigate the site. This helped me understand how to create better visual solutions for other users and allowed me to fix any navigational and functionality bugs that existed in my designs.
Programs and Tools Used
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